STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Easy Breezy Travel Vibes

Traveling during the summer months can be exhausting, sweaty and expensive. It is also usually the period of time where holiday hot spots are packed with crowds and tourists from all over the globe. Traveling abroad in summer can make dressing difficult, especially when you have luggage limits on your suitcases, specifically on budget flights.

When thinking of traveling abroad it is easy to picture that nightmare situation where you are lugging a heavy suitcase through a busy crowd in a pair of dorky sneakers, sticky shorts and an old sweat-stained souvenir T-shirt. However, being a tourist does not mean you cannot be stylish and chic. A loosely fitted dress in a lightweight material can make those exhausting moments abroad that little bit more stylish. Loosely fitted dresses are easy to pack, comfortable and will not stick to you during any sweltering temperatures.

On the pier of Brighton beach, this Fashionista has opted for a bright and floaty blue dress. The cool blue shades and upbeat pattern ooze a relaxed and care free vibe. Her black chunky sandals have a comfortable sole, which also maintain both that stylish yet comfortable look. In addition, the sleek black shoes also avoid the typical tourist stereotype. A nude satchel, denim jacket and a pair of trusty sunglasses are also perfect daily essentials when traveling. A satchel bag makes carrying valuables easier as you can sling it across or in front of your body. Finally, the leather Pandora bracelet adds a sentimental touch to the outfit. Pandora bracelets are perfect for traveling because you can add a charm memento to signify all the wonderful places you have visited on your journeys and adventures.

“My main focus when traveling is to focus on clothes which pack easily and are lightweight. Loose fitted, patterned dresses are definitely my go to as they are comfy but still keep things interesting.”