It seems like summer is dress season! With temperatures rising, the most stylish way for a Fashionista to stay cool is by wearing a dress. Dresses come in all lengths and patterns, as well as being so easy to put together for a complete look without much effort.

One of the many styles in a summer dress is the maxi dress. Maxi dresses are the longest types of dresses and are perfect for the warm weather. They are the perfect for any sort of summer occasion, whether it’s a day at the beach, a day at the office or a night out with friends just to name a few.

This Fashionista may be heading to her summer job, but she looks like she’s ready for a day at the beach. She is rocking the maxi dress while showing high style and giving off a carefree vibe. Her maxi dress comes in a fun tribal print and really gives off a unique factor to her outfit. The print also matches pretty much every kind of accessory that she would want to pair with it and it would match perfectly.

And her accessories manage to complement her outfit perfectly. She wears a pair of flip flops, which instantly give off a more carefree vibe to the outfit. Her aviator sunglasses also add the perfect summer vibe. With a pink quilted purse and a rose colored watch, she’s ready for a fun-packed day ahead. The look can also transition from day to night, which is perfect for a busy Fashionista such as herself.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “With everything you wear, add a touch of your personal style to it. For instance, if you like wearing maxi dresses, wear one with your favorite print.”