The sun beats down and temperatures are rising, everything seems a lot more fun –yes, it’s definitely time to break out those cute summer outfits. Whether you are walking through a city, a park, or out shopping, people are likely to be wearing a sea of different outfits. But you want to be the one that catches peoples eye, right? The Fashionista, you could say.

We can accomplish a glamorous style summer outfit with minimal effort. Lightweight summer garments make you feel “laid-back” and “casual” all while achieving a charismatic and alluring look. It’s easy to be glamorous as it is to relax in your shorts and tanks. This Fashionista is wearing a beautiful long dress with a floral pattern on the chest. The bright blue color screams summertime and catches everyones attention. The contrast of her tan bag looks perfect against the aqua blue dress and the sunglasses add a touch of personality.

Any type of lightweight dress is perfect throughout the months of June, July, and August. It keeps you feeling weightless and airy, something we all crave in the heat of the summer. You can pair it with any type of jewelry; this Fashionista chose to stick with a more Bohemian-inspired bracelet, sticking to the natural feel of this look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My main focus is that summer dresses such as the one this Fashionista has on, or any maxi dress, are versatile and easy to wear almost anywhere. They look elegant with minimal effort. Floral prints and light colors are charming and create a look for everyone to admire.”