You know the typical Monday morning drill. Your alarm rings. You groan, roll over and press the snooze button. Five minutes later, you repeat the same cycle. Next thing you know, it’s 8:15 a.m. and you’re thrown into full-fledged panic mode. You have 15 minutes to get yourself together, squeeze in a bite to eat and hustle out the door to make it to your 8:30 a.m. class. Sound familiar?

Next time you find yourself in this same sticky situation, I have a simple solution for you: throw on a dress like this Fashionista did! Her Brandy Melville dress paired perfectly with her lightweight fringe cardigan. Unfortunately, her dress is no longer available for purchase online, but I found this pretty similar alternative on Volcom’s website. Plus, it’s on sale—score!

Although I usually avoid wearing two patterns together in the same outfit, this Fashionista nailed it because she stuck to the same color scheme: light beige, maroon and navy blue. The two patterns seamlessly worked together to make for a cohesive outfit. The fact that the tribal pattern on her cardigan is larger than the pattern on her dress also contributed to the success of her outfit. Although my first instinct for this outfit’s footwear would have been a pair of simple strappy sandals, I love how this Fashionista changed things up a bit by opting for a pair of brown tassel loafers. This added a unique, menswear-inspired touch to an otherwise girly outfit.

Next time you’re in a time crunch in the morning and need a last minute outfit idea, go for that dress you typically save for Sunday brunch. Dresses are effortless and easygoing, and they save you the stress of picking a matching top and bottom. As the temperatures continue to rise in Gainesville, dresses are a definite must-have in every Fashionista’s wardrobe.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to take risks with fashion. It’s a lot more fun when you’re different from everyone else.”