The increasingly unpredictable weather has made it a challenge to choose a sensible outfit that is both comfortably-chic and adaptable to varying temperatures.

Still, the abnormal warmth of the holiday season is a windfall for dress lovers. Whether dressing for a party or a sunny winter day, a dress layered with easy accessories is the perfect compromise between a stuffy turtleneck and a chilly blouse.

I caught this Fashionista flaunting her smartly-layered ensemble in celebration of the conclusion of fall semester and in anticipation of the upcoming soirées. The foundation of her outfit is the long sleeve jersey dress, a basic for any closet because it can be easily transformed. To make it appropriate for the presiding weather, this Fashionista added a few elements that can easily be added and removed throughout the day. To downplay the seriousness of the black dress she chose a funky hat to keep her feeling cheerful and warm. To keep her legs warm, she opted for lace tights to provide a break from the solid black of the dress, which is capped with the black, heeled booties. Finally, a snug, wool scarf can be worn a multitude of ways, whether wrapped around the neck, draped across the shoulders or worn on the head. It can even be used as a blanket if a sudden chill fills the air.

Whatever elements you choose, the important take-away is, as the saying goes, to dress like an onion: a strong foundation with layers that can be peeled away.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Winter shouldn’t limit your wardrobe choices to pants and sweaters. Stockings, hats and scarves can make a dress comfortable for cold weather, too!”