STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Don't Stop the Color Pop!

This summer’s forecast is a steady temperature with a high of 90 degrees and humidity index continuously rising. There’s also a prediction of wearing the least amount of clothes acceptable while still staying fashionable.This Fashionista might be sweating with the almost intolerable heat, but she definitely has the summer look perfected.

With the cold weather and dull colors put behind us, it’s time to match the new season bursting with a painted blue sky, vibrant flowers and green fields filled with crops by putting away your monochromatic clothing and pulling out your color-blocking outfits. Scorching weather in the summer makes it seem highly impossible to put on a cute, layered outfit, but this Fashionista is still completing a desired summer look!

With so many different colors filling the summer air, this Fashionista added to it with her color-blocking outfit, pairing her bright yellow heels with her floral blue dress. Instead of taking the focus away from the color popping heels, this Fashionista decided to keep the jewelry simple with a single chain, long necklace. I can’t say I blame her because the heels polish the outfit which makes her stand out!

It’s not impossible to stay trendy in the summer and this Fashionista is showing you just that!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My main focus when it comes to summer is staying cool yet trendy. Wearing a light dress, whether patterned or plain and pairing it with shoes that pop is such an easy way to complete an appropriate summer outfit and achieve my main focus!”