STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Do You Like Pineapple in the Rain?

This Fashionista was feeling all the summer vibes with her cool and casual look. Pineapple in hand, this week’s style icon wore the popular army green T-shirt in the popular style of this summer, side slits, with dark jeans, white sneakers and cool shades. This look was all about K.I.S.S.—keep it stylishly simple! With her curly bob, this Fashionista was all about relaxation and ease. This look was particularly cool because of the Fashionista’s mood, the “I am feeling this summer and enjoying it with no cares” aesthetic.

When asked what inspired her outfit, the Fashionista simply responded “comfortable,” stating she wanted to look like she knew a little something about style but also like she dresses up without hassle. What made her outfit truly stand out were her accessories, adding she was just being silly, throwing on shades and grabbing her pineapple to express nostalgia during the summer heat!

How To: To achieve this casual easy breezy look, just grab your favorite T-shirt and pair it with cute accessories! Much like this Fashionista did, just do it simple and add something you think is going to make the outfit more memorable or even a little funny. Being carefree or even funny with your outfit is never a bad idea. Wardrobe is all about expression and having fun. Especially in the summer, grabbing trendy water bottles or your favorite pair of sunglasses add a silly flare to your outfit. But still pay attention to trends! Be silly, and be stylish! So slits, high waists, aviators and simple white skippies are your best bet for having a fashionably fun look!