July 28th, 2015 at 2:00am

This Fashionista is a lover of film and production. She is usually the one photographing others, but this time she took the spotlight. Denim shirts and flared skirts are usually a staple for every Fashionista’s summer wardrobe. However, it is this Fashionista’s fedora and lace oxfords that really grabbed my attention. Summer is the prime time to experiment with different styled shoes and hats because summer allows for more creativity due to the different styles this season has to offer to these markets.

The height of popularity for fedoras was in the mid-1920s which is why they are usually associated with men and gangsters.  When fedoras were originally making their comeback in previous years they were mocked for being tacky. However, they have become increasingly popular, especially amongst women. Fedoras were originally made out of felt, but now they come in a variety of fabrics and materials making them perfect for the summer season. This Fashionista was seen wearing a black cotton fedora with a bow on the side. Due to its lightweight material this Fashionista explains that it’is perfect to keep the hot summer rays off her face and out of her eyes. This fedora helps bring a classical look to this outfit while also sprucing it up. I love seeing people take different styles and trends and make it their own, especially trends that were previously belittled. This Fashionista has helped bring back the fedora and give it her own spin.

I also loved her lace oxford shoes. Oxfords were also traditionally considered a masculine styled shoe but fashion trends have once again reinvented themselves to be more gender fluid. The dainty lace stitching on the side gives these shoes a more feminine touch and makes them more unique to the fashionista wearing them.

What is YOUR STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Find a style that you enjoy and make it your own. Searching the internet for popular trends and styles can help you put together different pieces of clothing you already have.”