More and more lately, I’ve been seeing lots of flared-out fits in stores and in magazines, on models and celebrities. Everyone from Jennifer Lawrence to Victoria Beckham have been trying out these wide-leg styles, which I think is a great change of pace from the oh-so-familiar skinny jeans. So why not try out a pair for yourself? As this Fashionista illustrates, a pair of pants like these are a great way to change up your summer wardrobe.

To start her outfit with a statement piece, this Fashionista chose a pair of patterned, wide-leg pants. They’re made of a lighter material, which is great for summer, and the wider fit keeps them more airy, comfortable and cool. The pants are also a bit high-waisted, which made them go perfectly with the slightly cropped, black layered tank top that she paired with them. For shoes, this Fashionista wore a simple pair of white sandals, and finished off her look with an awesome floppy hat.

In her outfit, this Fashionista uses her wide-leg pants to create a casual look that would be great to wear on vacation or for a day spent shopping. While the pants look great in this casual and comfortable look, wide-leg pants can definitely be dressed up as well. Tucking a button-up shirt or flowy blouse into some extra wide-leg trousers and pairing them with some heels can create a classic look that would be perfect for any job or internship. If you’re still looking for more ways to incorporate flared silhouettes into your closet, try looking for a jumpsuit with wide legs, like the one Emma Watson wore to this year’s British Style Icon Awards. You may not win any awards while wearing it, but you’ll look stylish anyway.

As you can tell, a good pair of wide-leg pants can be a super chic addition to a summer outfit. They’re great no matter what the occasion is, and there are plenty of varieties out there, so you’re bound to find one that fits with your style! Plus, they’re an awesome alternative to your same old skinny jeans. So next time you’re looking in your closet wondering what you should wear, reach for something different and go for a pair of wide-leg pants.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “It’s nice to switch up your style by wearing more exciting bottoms instead of having all the detail on top! Try it sometime.”