It is no secret that the ‘60s and ‘70s are having a moment with the resurgence of high boots, mini skirts and of course, wide leg jeans. You can think of them as the magic formula to make every outfit instantly fashionable. Flared jeans are comfortable and can be worn to many different occasions, depending on the accessories you choose to pair them with. Take for example this Fashionista; she is pairing her jeans with a T-shirt to make her look casual. However her statement-making earrings take her look to the next level. Every single detail in her look speaks of the ‘70s; the flared jeans, the graphic T-shirt and of course the incredible vintage earrings.

When getting dressed fashion editorials and even runway shows are a great inspiration for the styling of your own outfits. Don’t be afraid to make your outfits look too literal—past trends were successful once, so why not now? The key to make an outfit inspired by past trends look new and authentic goes in the very little details. For example, in this Fashionista look the graphic T-shirt with a knot on the side and the big earrings give an unexpected turn to the flared jeans. One last very important detail are the shoes, which is for me the tricky part about this style of jeans. Wearing them with flats can make you shorter, I would recommend wearing them with platforms of even flatforms in order to elongate your legs and take full advantage of the fun part of these jeans, the wide and long boot.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Keep looking for vintage pieces, they are truly unique and elevate your style.”