Denim on denim, you can never go wrong. I believe everyone has their own unique appreciation for denim. And we all just have to dig a little deeper into a person wearing it to understand why they chose the look they did to wear that day.

Ever since the Fashionista captured above was a little girl, she always had her own definition of what style was. She felt style enhanced her discovery of who people were and are as individuals. Developing her own sense of style took years of trial and error. One thing never changed that denim is a favorite fabric in her wardrobe. The versatility of denim allows for limitless outfit options. Denim can be incorporated into any outfit for any occasion. Pairing a denim button-down shirt can be effortlessly street style-chic paired with a striped romper and chunky shoes. A denim dress paired with a flannel shirt can imitate easygoing-vibes for any Fashionista.

Because this Fashionista loves denim looks, she chose to wear this outfit. Since denim goes great with almost absolutely anything, she paired her outfit with deep colors, such as her olive green shoes and burgundy purse. Since she likes to show off her elongate her legs with a trendy pair of ankle booties. This Fashionista is also a huge fan of hats. She says, “Hats are a go-to accent piece. They are edgy, and I feel like that comes from how they enhance the angles of the face.”

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Just a tip, try not to buy a bulk of your wardrobe from the same store. Now, when I look for my statement pieces, I always find those at random boutiques that I may pass during my day. If you’re anywhere as picky as myself about having the same clothes as other people, try finding those boutiques that only make a few of each item.”