I think that everyone can agree that denim anything is pretty much the most classic of classics. Everyone’s rocking denim jeans, shirts, jackets and I even see the occasional hat brought out. They are even doing denim ON denim, whoa! Who would’ve thought? It’s fun to play around with different shades and washes of denim, but sometimes you need that some flare for extra style points.

This Fashionisto rocks a rather basic denim blue colored jacket. What really stood out to me though was the unique stitching patterns on the front. It’s subtle, but something you notice when you start paying attention to detail. I also really loved the white bands on the sleeves and back of the jacket as they add to the crisp clean look of the jacket. Rolling the sleeves is a nice touch to show off his accessories.

This whole outfit looks very clean and well put together. He opted for a long gray marled T-shirt. The simple T-shirt acts as a nice backdrop for the more detailed jacket. Black pants are a great choice for this look as well as they make the white accents really pop. I would have a hard time keeping those beautiful sneakers so pearly white, but this Fashionisto clearly cares well for his belongings. The final touch is his navy blue cap which I like that he chose a hat in the same color range as the jacket. Who knows what the W stands for, but it looks cool! This look almost feels like it has a baseball- inspired touch with a modern New York City twist.

What’s your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “Style needs to be clean, minimal, yet original. Change it constantly and pick a statement pieces and create a look around it. Most importantly, you’re wearing the clothes so don’t dress like anyone but you.