STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Denim is the New Black

It may not be Thursday, but here’s a throwback—the denim mini skirt. The mini skirt itself popped onto the fashion scene in the ‘60s and was made popular by Mary Quant in the United Kingdom. It was revolutionary, rebellious and made parents’ eyes roll. But when I think about denim mini skirts, they usually give me flashbacks to the ‘90s in the United States.

I am a ‘90s kid born and bred, which makes me particularly fond of the denim mini skirt and that’s why I had to stop this Fashionista! Denim minis were a staple in my wardrobe growing up and I wore mine to absolutely everything. Play date? Denim mini skirt. School? Denim mini skirt. Any other occasion you can think of? Denim mini skirt. Needless to say I wore mine a lot.

Now that denim minis are back in fashion, you can still wear them with anything you can think of. It’s basically the cuter, more feminine version of your favorite pair of jeans. This Fashionista went for a simple, yet super fashionable look by pairing her denim mini with a super soft and loose striped T-shirt and white low-top Converse. This is a great way to wear this trend on an every day basis.

This same mini skirt can be worn with so many different tops and shoes to create different looks. For example, this Fashionista can trade in her simple T-shirt for an airy blouse and her Converse for a strappy pair of sandals. These swaps change the whike look instantly. Or she could keep her Converse, but trade her T-shirt for a denim button-up. Now this Fashionista is not only sporting the denim mini trend, but also the denim-on-denim trend!

Before this summer, if I saw someone wearing what I would like to call a “denim suit” (a la Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake), I would cringe. Now this trend has grown on me and lightweight denim-on-denim is super hot for summer. I say the more denim, the better!

What’s your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Denim is the new black—it goes with everything!”