Denim has always been my guilty pleasure. Throughout the years it has become one of my biggest fashion obsessions. Thrift shops are my go-to place for finding an ideal oversized jean shirt. Everyone has their own way of incorporating a flare of denim into their wardrobe whether it’s a subtle hint or a big statement.

I was lucky enough to travel to New York City recently. I have always admired New York for it’s style, especially within the fashion industry. I found this Fashionista on the streets rocking this adorable skater denim skirt. She pairs this skirt with a striped cropped top. I immediately fell in love with the article of clothing and spent my day brainstorming different ways I could incorporate this into my everyday wardrobe. After spotting this simple yet chic item, all I saw around the city were these stylish jean skirts. While shopping I stumbled upon a similar skirt that this Fashionista was sporting. Now, lets talk about the accessories. The pair of brown booties adds length to your outift, making your legs look sky high long. This Fashionista had a simple necklace with her front initial on it, adding a personal touch to her look.

Skirts are obviously one of the msot present and popular trends today. They always have been. So take a risk and pick a fabric that you aren’t used to wearing. Denim is the perfect step to take when venturing deeper into your own personal style preference, and it will definetly still be a popular trend as we transition into fall fashion.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love to find pieces of clothing that are versatile to make it easier to mix into different types of outfits.”