One of the most recent (and my favorite) trends to hit both runways and streets is (drum roll…) denim on denim~. Thanks to the likes of Kendall Jenner and Rihanna, women everywhere have the confidence to embark on what was once a fashion “don’t.” In the past, I have been known to venture out to the land of what was maybe once one of the biggest fashion “don’ts,”: denim on denim. However, it did consist of jeans and a jean jacket, so not too risqué. Honestly, the vision of cowboys and the Wild West has been burned into my memory when the topic of conversation turns to denim. So a huge thank you is in order for the celebrities that break down fashion barriers each day.

My first Fashionista has always been active in sports, currently playing for Bacone College. Being that I am a college girl on the run, I can relate to the style struggle: should one wear sweats and mosey through class, or should one dress up? Well, this Fashionista has found a way around both; she embraces the ease that a dress allows and the fashion that it implies. Between work, school and practice, she can easily transport to her next destination (yet remain fashionable).

As the weather in Oklahoma remains consistent only in fluctuation, it is easy to be caught between morning classes in the cold and sweating by the time afternoon classes arrive. This young college girl is not going to let a little inconsistent weather spoil an outfit! By adding the jean jacket, the outfit becomes the classic “denim on denim” and automatically soars to the top of the best-dressed list. When removing the jacket, if tied around the waist, the outfit creates a modern twist on a classic.

What is a classic look without a classic orange undertoned red lipstick (thanks Kylie Jenner!)? The Fashionista’s makeup is subtle, yet truly flaunts her facial features. The featured Fashionista’s talent is posh.

Being on-the-go entails loads of lugging, which is simply irritating; however, this Fashionista found a way around a midday meltdown. Carry a midsize bag that can securely hold your essentials. Don’t bother with the extra napkins and trash that mysteriously spawn from your larger bags. Keep it simple; keep it small.

Accessories are a must-have in my book, especially living in Tulsa, Oklahoma—birthplace of Rustic Cuff and headed up by the one and only Jill Donovan. Rustic Cuff holds a dear place in my own heart, just not my bank account…however I am astounded by the daily compliments I procure as well as compliments I emit when sighting Rustic Cuff on a fellow addict!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Keeping it simple and effortless is very important to me, so dresses are a must-have on my college checklist!”