Denim jeans and jackets are nothing new to us. We’ve got both in our closets, and I will admit that sometimes I shove them to the back because I’m trying to avoid going back to my staple pieces and I’m looking for something fresh. But what we can learn from them is that pairing denim jeans with complementary jackets give a classic and not necessarily outdated look. Match the colors and the overall feel and you’ve got a good reason to grab what might be in the back of your closet!

First, it’s all about that denim. What can elevate a classic piece is the cut of the jean, so go out and try a flared cut or a boyfriend jean. Go beyond the skinny or straight leg that you’ve got in your drawer. Then after the cut, you get to decide on the wash of the denim. There’s a light wash or a dark wash, and my advice would be to pick a shade that won’t blend in with the color of your top. For instance, if you’ve got a dark navy jacket on top, you would want a lighter, baby blue shade.

Once the jean is down, you’re onto the jacket. There are thousands of jacket styles, prints and textures, so don’t worry if you find yourself a bit overwhelmed next time you’re at your H&M or Nordstrom. I’ll share with you some magical glittery sartorial advice (it’s not like fairy dust but still it works well). Get a jacket that’s versatile and practical. You want to be able to wear a piece more than once with different combinations and for different occasions. That’s the beauty of a great jacket piece.

Types of jackets that come to my mind are leather jackets or denim jackets. Most of us have either one or the other, but what elevates the been there-done that look are the details. Get one with a bit of embroidery or one that has sleeves in a different color and fabric. Those are the details that can spice up what could dangerously be an average wardrobe.

As for colors, just trust your eye and see what goes together. You don’t want to put totally opposite shades that give tension but you don’t want to blend your whole outfit together with one color from head to toe. Once you’ve got your statement pieces, like your jacket or your jeans with the cool cut, pick the other items and let them breathe in the background. Get dolled up in style.

Style Advice of the Week? “I think it’s just best to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. Don’t let the fact that an item is classic, like denim, get the best of you or turn you away from an outfit. Classic is classic for a reason.”