Hey Fashionistas! Style Guru Sahana Holla here for your last post of the summer. As depressing as it is to acknowledge that this long vacation is over, we cannot possibly worry because fashion never takes a vacation. So, let us move on and continue to take on the still ever-so-hot weather with style. This week, I am teaching you how to style your denim, and when I’m talking denim, I mean a full-on, completely denim look. Let’s get started.

It is very difficult to pull off the all-denim trend. Some people pull it off extremely well while others turn out looking like Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears at the 2001 American Music Awards. As much as we loved that power couple, I cannot say they were in their right minds when they styled themselves for that event. However, I can say that denim is such a unique material that once you have the foundation of your outfit done, it is easy for everything else to fall into place. When matching denim on denim, I suggest opting for two different shades of denim. For example, wearing a light wash denim top, pair it with some dark wash jeans. When you wear the same wash of denim on both the top and the bottom (only when wearing two, separate articles of clothing), it sometimes looks too monochromatic. So I suggest sticking to two different washes to provide contrast.

When it comes to styling denim dresses, you have a more leeway with what you pair them with. The denim still makes the entire outfit look youthful and fun while the dress aspect puts a feminine twist on it. This Fashionista did an excellent job pairing her denim dress with a pair of brown, suede ankle booties and crystal necklace to keep an Earthy vibe. Lastly, she topped off her outfit with some sunglasses and a watch around her wrist to keep the time.

I hope this helped you fellow girls style your denim. This trend especially becomes useful when transitioning into the fall season, which is coming up. Good luck Fashionistas, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer! Go forth and prosper, and don’t forget to keep it #RAD!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Do not worry about what the trends are. Wear things that you love and that you feel comfortable in.”