As someone who finds skirts fussy and annoying, this outfit is one I could feel completely comfortable in without sacrificing style. It’s hands down one of my favorite outfits I’ve seen on campus all year, and I can’t wait to re-create it for myself. The focus of this look has to be the Fashionista’s sneakers, which work perfectly with her with her otherwise dressed-up outfit.

The color palette of the look is one I probably wouldn’t think of for myself, since I rarely opt for anything camel colored. However, this Fashionista’s suede skirt is making me doubt my own fashion sense, and I now want to buy all the camel sweaters and skirts I see at my favorite stores. This Fashionista’s skirt is made out of nice looking suede, which ties the whole look together. Her denim jacket is in such a nice wash, and it is the perfect length. It’s not too cropped, reminiscent of the early Full House days, but it’s also not oversized by any means. The navy blue sweater underneath adds the necessary extra layer of warmth, and thankfully doesn’t make the jacket look boxy or bulky.

As far as accessories and shoes go, this Fashionista’s sneakers stole the show. The black sneakers add the perfect casual touch to the outfit, and they won’t hurt your feet or back hurt after a long day. Aside from the fact that they’re just fabulous shoes, the black also keeps with the neutral palette of the look. I love this Fashionista’s sunglasses as well, and they’re handy to have around for those overly sunny winter days (or, for those days when you’re just not quite gotten your full eight hours of sleep). The finishing touch to this outfit is her Longchamp bag, which is just large enough for carrying books, but can also be used as a purse when grabbing ice cream with friends, just as this Fashionista was doing.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Pair your favorite outfits with comfortable and casual shoes. It makes the outfit look effortlessly put together, and you’ll feel confident and comfy all day.”