The biggest wardrobe must-have, not only in summer, but year-round? Jeans. First invented in 1873, they were introduced into womenswear in the ‘30s. By the ‘60s they had become a fashion staple and have remained so ever since.

Since their debut into the fashion conscious world, there has been an incredible increase in the number of colors and styles that are available. There are light, medium and dark washes, and there are classic styles such as skinny, boyfriend and cigarette jeans, as well as the currently very trendy flared jeans. Because of denim’s wide range of styles and focus on casual comfort, they are an absolute must-have for any summer wardrobe.

A single pair of jeans can be worn so many different ways based on what they are paired with, so styling is crucial, and this Fashionista has mastered that. She looks casual and cool and completely put together while making it look effortless. She is wearing these classic skinny jeans with an oversized plaid button-down that she has loosely tucked in. The button-down gives the outfit a slightly dressier appearance while still remaining comfortable, and she is wearing a pair of oxfords to maintain the casual look. In terms of jewelry, this Fashionista keeps it simple with a cute pair of earrings, a small necklace and a watch.

There are many different ways to style denim and this Fashionista proves that simpler is better if you want to maintain a cool and effortless look, so it may be time to build that denim wardrobe to carry you through the rest of the summer!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I really like mixing classic pieces with more spunky and personal favorites. Ripped denim always looks awesome with dressier shirts, and high-waisted denim is always a great way to dress up a casual look.”