I often find myself gazing into my closet and thinking that my summer wardrobe needs some attention, whether it’s adding a pair of bright colored shorts or a crochet top. Regardless of what needs to be added, it can be really frustrating when it seems like trying to pull together a simple outfit for brunch with friends or spending the day touring the city is seemingly impossible; it takes the fun out of loving fashion! During these times, I believe that I need to go on a summer shopping spree. Not only do I not have the time to constantly make trips to the boutiques or browse through my favorite online retailer shop, I also do not want to drain my wallet every week. Is there a way to fix this complicated issue of needing more seasonal outfits? The answer is (thankfully) yes! There is a way to incorporate looks and trends from one season into another without needing to find yet another summer skirt or printed top.

From casual celebrity looks of the week to chic fashion runway shows, the denim jacket makes its appearance in many style situations. The versatility of denim makes this particular jacket a must in all wardrobes. If you’re looking to invest in a clothing piece that you do not already have, choose a denim jacket; trust me, your closet will thank you! It is also a good idea to have a denim jacket for the fall season as well.

For a completely summer look, this Fashionista pairs a light denim jacket with a lace gray tank top and a patterned high-waisted skirt that makes for a perfect outfit in many social situations (think a family get-together or a girls day out). The denim jacket gives the look a casual vibe and the lighter fabric does not overpower the rest of the outfit and the bold design of the skirt. It also creates a pleasing contrast between the delicate lace of the blouse and the rustic denim appearance. I especially love the bright pop of pink added by the handbag that gives this outfit an additional splash of summer color!

There are many jacket styles to select and it really depends on what look you are aiming to showcase. If you want a casual jacket that you can wear to class or out to lunch, go with a similar fit as this fabulous Fashionista picked out. But if you are leaning towards a dressier jacket to accompany a night out with friends, try a darker wash sans collar. Whatever style best suits your needs, keep in mind that simply adding denim can change the whole feel of an outfit. You can mix casual and formal with a simple blouse and professional skirt or decide for a purely casual look and use the denim jacket as the main focus of your RAD outfit of the day. On that note, let the denim jacket creativity begin!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Have style, because that’s unique. Forget fashion, that’s all the same.”