STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Definitely Not Over Overalls

If there is one article of clothing that reminds me most of my youth then it would absolutely have to be denim overalls. You can’t find a more perfect ensemble than something that has the top and bottom already picked out for you! I have been seeing more and more overalls lately, but there are so many different styles nowadays. You can get long or short lengths or different colors and fabrics.

This Fashionista rocks a pair of denim overalls. I love the uneven wash and white stripes and what’s even more unique is the style of these overalls. The dropped bib and elongated shoulder straps make a statement with this piece. She wears a basic white T-shirt underneath to really let the overalls stand out.

This look is very fun and youthful without looking childish. She manages to be comfortable and edgy at the same time and the little details, such as the textured Converse, are what make this look appealing. This could easily be something that I would just throw on at a moments notice, but it is still a very clean and polished look.

I am obsessed with this backpack too as it looks very basic, but the material and clasp are stunning. All of these pieces make me think of my childhood, but with a mature and adult touch to them. These overalls are very versatile as well as you could wear it with long sleeves in colder months or break out the jewelry and party shoes for a more formal look.

What’s your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “For me, style is a way of showing your individuality. Everyone is so different internally and style reveals our true self on the external level. I express my feelings and emotions through style and I also love trying out new things when I feel a certain way. Most of the time the clothes I’m wearing, sets my mood for the day.”