STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Date Night Essentials

Apple picking, pumpkin carving, hot cocoa by the fire and countless other things make fall the best season for dates. Now don’t worry. If you’re a single pringle like me during this cuff season that doesn’t mean you can’t wear the cute outfits too. Grab your ladies and have a girl’s night (this outfit works for that too)!

With the weather in Iowa City right now, it’s the perfect time for a few layers which is what this Fashionista is rocking. A lot of fall dates are more casual and fun so being comfortable is a must. With that being said, this Fashionista chose a navy and white flannel and complemented it with a lightweight olive vest. The analogous combination of blue and green really complement each other in this look.

To go with it she wore black denim pants (a fall wardrobe must) and some ankle hiking booties–because those apple orchards can get a little muddy. To add some detail to her look, she chose some gray socks to peek out over her boots. Last but not least to finish it off, she wore some adorable faded brown sunglasses. I highly recommend sunglasses; your date won’t notice if you sneak a peak at him.

The best part about this look is how versatile it is. Don’t have a flannel? Ok, how about a sweater? Don’t have hiking boots? Ok, how about some Converse instead? There are literally endless possibilities to making this look work for you. Don’t be afraid to add your personality into it. Have fun cuddling by the fire!