Have you ever noticed that history repeats itself quite often? Trend cycles run like clockwork. Recently there has been a huge resurgence of platform shoes, gypsy style, florals, suede, fringe and denim bells. This trend is extremely reminiscent of ’70s fashion. The ’70s were a decade of hedonism. Everyone was on the pursuit of pleasure and wanted to go out and have fun! Much of this style was influenced by the hippie movement. People found themselves spiritually through astrology, crystal healing and mood rings. Their creative thinking and free spirit set a theme for the decade, and was communicated through dress. Now in the year 2016, we’ve reference previous decades to influence new looks and remind ourselves of a time of freedom and pleasure.

This Fashionista chose to rock the bell bottom trend with a pair of black, ripped denim. By adding a pair of of black leather platform shoes she adds a chic flair to her look. I love how she paired this look with a simple gray top. The neckline on her top can be seen all over the current market. Her Rebecca Minkoff purse and necklace complete her look perfectly.

When referencing looks from the past, there’s a fine line between looking trendy and outdated. When going for a ’70s look, I would suggest keeping it simple. Choose one or two elements influenced by the past to highlight, and keep it looking fresh by pairing it with recent trends, fabrics or styles. However, if you are going for a more vintage look you can always raid your parents or grandparents closet before spending any money. If not you can always browse through your local consignment or vintage shops. You would be surprised at how old styles have come back around and are as good as new! There are so many ways to remerchandise older pieces to make them your own to be on-trend and fabulous.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “You make up your own style and I believe it’s a true reflection of who you are. Wear your style with confidence!”