Being in college is supposed to be a time to experiment and pursue new ventures without worrying what others might think. Easier said than done, right? Over the years, I have struggled with that. It took me until now to realize that my style is whatever I want it to be. Experimenting with style means putting together bold pieces and making sure they go well together. Also, an important part of an ensemble is the attitude. If you don’t look and feel confident in what you are wearing, then your whole demeanor will not shine.

This Fashionista has the attitude and the outfit on point! She is styling a velvet dress, a fringed vest, silver platform sandals, one of a kind rings and earrings and a turquoise statement necklace. Three words: I want this. Her whole outfit is a mixture of daring and fashion-forward pieces that make everything stand out. I never would have thought that putting together pieces like these would look this good.

Taking a closer look, another venture that this Fashionista took on was mixing textures. The velvet with the fringe was an excellent combination that made her stand out from the crowd. Not to mention, her unique and exciting accessories helped her express her individuality and style. You could say that her whole look can be defined as exotic and artsy.

I absolutely love this look. This Fashionista is a clear example of how experimenting with new and exciting garments and accessories can help you create something beautiful and inspiring. Fashion is an art. It’s like we are a canvas and our personal style is the paint. We try on whatever style we want to portray, whether it is edgy, bohemian, classic or chic. What’s important is the attitude that we pair with our style.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “When choosing what to wear, I think of what other people wouldn’t wear and I pair it with jewelry that would make the outfit complete. I think that everyone should have their signature style and not be afraid of what others think.”