July weather is a little tricky to handle sometimes; it’s hot and humid, but the ground is always wet with rain or dew. For me, stepping my cute sandaled feet into a dewy patch of grass is not how I like to spend my summer. Fortunately, Fashionistas/os can channel the “Christmas in July” spirit by sporting some cute boots. Although you won’t be finding any snow on the ground this summer, you’ll be sure to find many boots that provide protection from the wet ground in style.

This Fashionista pairs a simple pink button-down collared shirt with dark wash jeans. The pastel pink contrasts with the dark jeans in a way that is just right. This outfit is a great comfortable outfit that makes it easy to roam and go about the day in style. The brown, combat lace-up boots really bring together this laid-back look with a throwback to a more winter-esque fashion choice. Pairing boots with this outfit just goes to show that these shoes are not meant for just one season and can be rocked any time of the year with ease.

Finally, this Fashionista accentuated this look with a little shimmer. Her silver ball earrings are a standout piece in this look that adds some glamour to a classically comfortable look. Styling the hair into a bun allows these glimmering earrings to be seen by everyone, allowing for the look to be admired near and far. Despite this Fashionista’s choice to wear jewelry with her look, you can dress this look up or down and pair it with boots to create a cool and comfortable look that can highlight your personal style all the way down to your toes.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Comfort over everything, that’s what I say.”

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