Cutouts are the perfect way to make a simple outfit stand out! They can take the most basic garments to flirty with just a few simple snips. Whether you buy your clothes with the cuts in them or if you DIY them yourself, break out some cutouts this summer to spice up your wardrobe!

Cutouts can be found in just about any clothing product, from dresses, to tops, to bottoms. However, tops and dresses are the easiest way to rock this trend, so try these if you’re nervous! If you rock a top with cutouts, stick to black or denim pants to keep the focus on the top. Picking a top in a fun pattern or bright color allows the eye to go right to it and accentuates the cutout accents. Keep the rest of the outfit minimal, but don’t be afraid to play with subtle silver jewelry or fun, solid-colored shoes that match! Fashion is all about taking risks; just make sure the cutouts stay in charge!

This Fashionista wears the cutout trend with ease. Her fun patterned dress sticks out on its own, but the well-placed cutouts make it even more fun while still staying classy. The dress screams summer in the best kind of way, and it allows her to beat the unbearable Georgia heat while looking cool as can be. The tribal pattern lets the Fashionista’s fun personality shine through without her having to say a word. An outfit that can communicate your personality with ease is the best kind of outfit! She keeps the rest of the outfit minimal to allow the dress to stay the focal point, pairing it with simple silver jewelry and brown sandals. 

This outfit is so easy and simple to throw on, but it allows the Fashionista to look put together and classy! It’s easy to get this look; just pick a fun garment that rocks cutouts in the right way for you, throw on some fun accessories and shoes, and go own it!

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