STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Culottes Extravaganza

Remember those unforgivable capris you rocked back in grade school? Well, they are back and badder than ever. But, bad in a good way. ‘Tis the season for wide legged, high-waisted, culotte wearing madness. A very focal trend I have noticed on the streets of NYC is not just Levi high-waisted shorts and Urban Outfitters crop tops, but culottes, which are knee length trousers (basically capris) that resemble a long, wide skirt. This trend is very on point when done correctly and a must-have during the summer when you want to wear pants but the heat makes you think otherwise, prompting you to turn to a summer staple you admired back in grade school. Culottes are capris 2.0. Watch out fashion world because this trend is coming in HOT!

This bold Fashionista looked very fashion forward as she strutted down the street wearing a pair of printed black culottes. I admire a wide leg pair of pants and I was immediately attracted to this Fashionista’s culottes, which she paired with a men’s style oversized, button-down blouse. I love that she left the wrists undone, creating an informal and relaxed feel to her look. What really took the outfit above and beyond was her funky choice of footwear. These strappy, Roman gladiator type sandals brought the look to perfection, especially when she added that leather, bucket tote to finalize the outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “What I love about culottes is that they remind me of menswear, which I love. They have a very masculine feel to them but I can manage to make them look very feminine when I add a pair of cool shoes or a fun bag to make my outfit pop.”