Crop tops are slowly taking over the world…or the fashion world, anyway. We’ve seen them in stores for as long as we can remember but it seems like they’ve just recently been seen everywhere. But, just because they are being worn everywhere doesn’t mean they’re being worn correctly. They really are a tough trend to master.

This Fashionista has no problem wearing the crop top. She has mastered this style by pairing her halter with a high-waisted pair of shorts. Crop tops are tricky because they are made to show skin, but you have to find the balance by not showing too much skin. You don’t ever want to pair a crop top with something too short on the bottom because then it draws the attention to your body and not your awesome outfit. Pairing the crop top with anything high-waisted is the way to go and this Fashionista was seen showing the perfect amount of skin which is what made me notice her outfit.

The crop top is an essential piece for every summer wardrobe because it’s not restraining, is easy to throw on and keeps you cool. Like this white one, many crop tops are solid and come in every color and who doesn’t want to buy their tops in every color? Like this Fashionista, you can take a neutral color and pair it with something fun. Her patterned pair of summer shorts are the perfect complement to the all-white top with a beachy orange print. A cool, casual pair of shorts like these can be easily worn any time during the summer day or night.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love wearing patterned, high-waisted shorts with a solid crop top. It can be a comfortable outfit for a casual lunch or a night out with your girls.”