Wearing all-white after Labor Day, and especially in the winter, was certainly a fashion don’t about 10 years ago. However, as fashion evolves, more Fashionistas and Fashionistos are dropping old fashion rules and creating their own. Not only are fashion lovers embracing this trend, but so are designers. Icy white ensembles can be found in the New York Fashion Week spring 2015 trend wrap up with designers like: Prabal Gurung, who opened his show with a handful of crisp white pieces, Victoria Beckham whose collection featured frosty white military tops and pants and Donna Karen laced the runway with pristine sporty mesh fabrics.

Check out this Fashionista’s take on the trend. She rocks all-white effortlessly by adding in a few unexpected accessories, like her pastel pink tresses and a Kayne backpack. She also breaks down the monotony of the white by incorporating other major trends of the season: plaid and fur. To add just tad bit more coolness to the look, she has paired the outfit with everyone’s guilty fashion pleasure—Timberland boots.

How To: Snag this look by grabbing what I am sure is already in your closet. Just put the pieces together! In the upcoming season, the spin on the trend isn’t just the fresh hue from head to toe, but how you wear it. Stay up to date by mixing textures of white like mesh and lace, layer multiple pieces and marry various shades, such as white, off white and even soft creams. Create a go-to look with a pair of distressed white denim, a white boyfriend T-shirt or a blouse and a long white duster coat. Accessorize with a neutral palette.