Nothing is more easy-going to me then a good pair of cut-offs on a hot summer day. Take it from a fellow Fashionista: During the blazing summer months my go-to choice of bottoms tends to be denim shorts. Cut-off shorts are very trendy this summer and they are a basic essential item that every Fashionista needs in her closet.

This Fashionista is wearing her light washed denim cut-off shorts with a red strapless flowy top. She accessorizes with a couple of stacked bracelets and a white necklace. In addition, she carries her Louis Vitton bag and wears black strappy sandals. If you haven’t invested in a pair of cut-off shorts then you definitely should! You can either DIY shorts by cutting off an old pair of jeans, or you can go out to a store like Forever 21 where you can find some inexpensive but cute pair of shorts.

Walking to class on a big campus can turn into a very sweaty situation, but this Fashionista showed that going to class can be survived by wearing a simple and fashionable outfit. I love to wear my cut-offs with a nice T-shirt and Converse to walk around, so don’t feel like you need to over accessorize. Just make sure you feel comfortable and stylish.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “For me it is all about dressing in whatever makes you feel good. I like to feel comfortable in whatever I wear and feel that I’m expressing my own sense of style.”