STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Craving Leather Leggings

Even though it is summer, Mother Nature has not yet cooperated fully. Here in Toronto we are still clinging to our longer bottoms to keep warm. Leggings are a great trend, because it allows you to stay warm while looking fashionable yet relaxed. Leggings can be used not only for working out, but perfectly acceptable when on the go or even running errands. As a university student, they are an essential part of my wardrobe especially when I have to attend an early class, or need to run out the door for a meeting with my professor at a minutes notice.

Leggings are an essential item for any women’s wardrobes, because they are so versatile. In the ’70s they were hugely popular as work out wear. Stars like Jane Fonda and others wore high-waisted, shiny neon colored leggings to add fun and excitement to their workout videos. While they still come in an array of bright, fun colors they now also have designs with different patterns. This allows women today to express a more personal and distinct style. Leggings today come in many unique styles: for example some have a full leather look, while others have leather paneling or more detail at the knee. Vegan and faux leather is always a great option if you are opposed to wearing real leather!

They are easy to pair with a lot of different items that create a different mood and look. Leggings can be worn with a chambray shirt over a T-shirt and boots for a casual look. For a more sophisticated look pair them with a blazer and heels. By adding an added layer of texture to leggings it creates an interesting element to the outfit allowing a women to feel stylish, yet comfy at the same time.

While there is endless ways to style leggings, this Fashionista styles hers in a casual way. By pairing her panel leather leggings with an over sized sweater tank top and white sneakers it creates an effortless look that appears to have just been thrown together in little time. By adding a felt fedora hat it pulls this look all together, creating an edgy feel.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “A leather legging is a fantastic way to add a little edge to any outfit, while still keeping it relaxed. Why have plain leggings when you can look like a rock star!”