March 19th, 2015 at 2:00am

As the gruesome winter rages on, it’s no shock we all need a bit of color and fun back in our life. To be honest, we are all guilty of wearing too much black or gray this winter and not enough color. What we need for the new change of the season is great colorful clothes, with even better colorful accessories.

This Fashionista plays with the blue/purple palette. She uses different colors throughout the outfit but effectively makes the look cohesive with the different color schemes. The neon purple tube scarf goes perfectly with the dark blue Marc Jacobs bag. The black booties keep the look winter friendly but still keep the look cohesive. The differences of the colors make the look a bit more fun and early spring appropriate.

The Fashionista utilizes darker color schemes to still maintain a winter look, but yet each of these pieces help demonstrate that winter doesn’t have to be bland and boring. Color is essential to making the next few months a little less dreary and a little more fun.

So why is color so important? Color is something that has always been a fun trend. Without color, fashion would be boring. The fun thing I love about color, however, is that it makes the transition from winter to spring much easier. By incorporating colorful pieces into your wardrobe now, you will be all ready for winter.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Mix and match different shades of colors. Don’t be so strict about matching every element of your outfit. It is more fun to use different shades of a color that are a little less ‘matchy’—it gives the look a more unique and authentic appearance.”