Unfortunately, winter does not seem to be disappearing soon enough and with snow still coating the hidden green grass, dressing to impress can get lost in the cold. However, do not let the below zero temperatures keep you from wearing a cute, comfortable outfit. You do not need to sacrifice style for warmth this season by picking the right fabrics of clothing that are trendy and will keep you warm.

This Fashionista has combined several different fabrics, including a cable knit sweater and scarf, along with a denim shirt. An oversized cable knit sweater is the perfect way to wear a comfy look without showing up to class in your high school sports team sweatshirt. This gray sweater hangs longer for extra protection from the wind against this Fashionista’s legs. However, it also features a rounded cut at the bottom, so the shape is flattering rather than bulky. A long sleeve denim shirt under the sweater is the perfect staple piece that makes this look ready to wear to class. With the denim cuffs popping out under the sweater, this Fashionista has layered for the warmth and simultaneously added dimension to the look. Keeping with the comfort and flattering cut theme of this outfit, this Fashionista added a cable knit, wrap scarf that adds a pop of maroon color to this outfit. With two slightly different cable knit patterns, these pieces complement one another rather than fight to stand out.

A pair of stretchy black pants are the perfect pants to put on when you just are not feeling the “jump around” dance to get into your tight skinny jeans in the early morning before class. The black keeps this outfit classy and the thick stretch fabric also provides an element of warmth. Of course, no winter outfit is complete without the perfect pair of riding boots. The riding boot style continues to appear winter after winter due to the practicality and the diverse designs featured each season. This Fashionista’s boots are black with a chestnut colored band at the top and feature a small, gold buckle detail at the ankle. These versatile boots can be paired with just about any outfit because of their classic style.

Until the sun and flowers decide to pop out in spring, dressing for warmth is a necessity for surviving the cold walks around campus. Layering, especially with warm fabrics, is a great way to mix and match different pieces for a new look each day. Also, a scarf is the perfect cold weather accessory for any snowy day. Try pairing heavier fabrics in the winter months for a stylish and warm outfit!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “In order to stay warm during winter, I like to add layers because you can still be cute and mix and match different sweaters and shirts for unique outfits.”