“Even on a ‘chill day,’ I’m fashionable”, says this Fashionisto. As we walk the streets of Birmingham taking in different landscapes of downtown, I get a lesson on a fashionable, chill day. No, if you all are wondering this outfit was not planned. It was last minute actually. You see, he was the photographer this day, and while he was shooting pictures for my bio post, I noticed that couture indeed has chill.

This look was so minimalistic but so effortless chic at the same time. If he passed you on the street, you would give him a second look. From his joggers to his Dior shades he makes “chill” look couture.

Joggers have taken the world by storm, from denim to sweat suits, the results are endless.  You can dress them up or dress them down. Wear a white button-down or throw on a T-shirt and leather jacket like this Fashionisto. This outfit is an example of a dressed down look with personal style mixed in. The joggers, shirt and leather jacket from Urban Outfitters paired with Dior shades and a Coach bag is a prime example of mixing fast fashion with timeless pieces. Mixing looks is what makes this outfit so chill couture. This Fashionisto also loves to bring in emerging brands like his hat by the Aviate brand and sneakers by The Greats brand. His support of universal fashion shines through in this outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t let labels scare you. Mix and match it up and no doubt introduce new brands into the world. Who knows where that will take you tomorrow.”