How about both! I want to pull off a denim shirt, but what should I wear with it? When people ask me what to pair a denim top with, the options are honestly endless. One of my favorite trends is mixing and matching totally different fabrics. I like to call this fabric blocking. Denim and corduroy are both pretty sturdy materials you would expect to see only bottoms made out of. I love this summer look because it’s a little different!

This look is perfect for those summer nights you need a little extra something. The denim button-down is great for a casual night, and adds a great layering look without a heavy jacket. The shorts and shoes add comfort, while staying stylish.

The casual duo is paired with a basic gray V-neck and a pair of TOMS. Want a pop of color? Just change the undershirt or add a fun patterned pair of shoes. These Lucky Brand corduroy shorts are great for guys because you can wear them in more than one season. While they’re cool enough for spring and summer, the fabric also makes them a great fall piece. I usually see guys on campus trying to stretch out short season way further than they should, but with these stylish cut-offs they definitely can.

What is you STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love versatility and durability. The denim top creates warmth and comfort, and looks great for date night. Take it a step further but buttoning the shirt up and changing to a nicer shoe.”