Sunny skies, victorious basketball games, consistent warmth and refreshing breezes have Madison students feeling rather joyful (and racing to the Terrace to bask in the bright beauty of Mother Nature). Then again, who wouldn’t be found outside in this glorious weather? Madison students abound welcome this long lost weather with open arms via brights.

Bright colors are a staple in the warmer months and currently could not be trendier. Though the Madison campus was docked by a short cold spell, this Fashionista did not let a chill whisk away her fun spring attire. She sports a beautiful bright coral blazer, which I just so happen to be a huge advocate for several reasons: 1. A colorful blazer is classy, fabulous and adds a touch more of your personality to any ensemble. 2. It doubles as a professional look; it is a great day to night option for the busiest of days or even when you just want to feel more put together. There is no denying the power of a blazer as it epitomizes confidence, sophistication and power.

One my favorite fashion icons, Rachel Zoe, once stated, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” I feel this quote is relevant because many Madison students have otherworldly style and I find that color illuminates their personality. This Fashionista then adds a white lace top, dark denim jeans, golden bronze accessories and fabulous pair of etched silver toe shoes. Her accessories and shoes add the perfect amount of intricate detail to this outfit. This Fashionista looks ready to conquer anything that comes her way!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Color! Whether it resides on a blazer, pants, a shirt or your shoes, adding a pop of color enhances everything!”