Whether he’s crushing the sock game or he’s bundled up for the cold, this Fashionisto goes all out for his campus style. He’s always decked out from head to toe, turning heads along the way. “But, Lia,” you might be asking, “How, oh how, can I achieve his killer look?” Have no fear, fellow Fashionistas/os. The answer is simple—contrast your clothes.

Everybody has the option to stand out, so please take advantage of it. What’s so special about sporting those everyday blue jeans? Granted, we all wear them, but a lot of the time, they’re just an easy fix. This Fashionisto went with a pair of slim fit chinos—cuffed, of course. He contrasted his pants with patterned socks and a funky pair of high-top Vans, which contribute to the urban vibe.

Over his striped button-down, he layered a simple navy blue vest. Unlike coats, vests showcase your outfit while keeping you nice and cozy. The navy blue, light blue and brown tones contrast well with both his vest and pants. This Fashionisto could’ve easily opted for black pants or blue jeans, but his gray chinos really made a statement against his outfit’s dark tones. To mix it up even more, he added an olive green beanie, showing off his laid back skater side.

Without even knowing it, this fashionable fellow contrasted his entire outfit through his mixture of slim fit and loose fitting pieces. The puffy vest, loose button-down and slouchy beanie definitely have an outdoorsy feel. But once combined with the slim fit chinos, patterned socks and skate shoes, we know that this dude is ready to whip out his skateboard and cruise around campus. For his sake, let’s hope that the snow melts a bit sooner.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I like to stand out from people wearing typical blue jeans. I always contrast my pants with whatever I have on top. Bring life to dull colors by contrasting your clothes.”