If you are trying to maintain the cool girl look even in these fluctuating temperatures, then it’s time to introduce your closet to the bomber jacket. Designers like Alexander Wang and Burberry featured the bomber jacket in their recent pre-fall collections, and it is serving to be the latest fashion trend of 2016. You can find it in bold patterns and various textures as well as dress it up or down; the perfect versatile jacket that can take you from season to season.

The bomber jacket emerged in the ’30s, originally a military clothing piece worn by aviators. It’s recent resurgence has come with sleeker cuts making it a great alternative to the leather jacket, especially in these colder months. I have always appreciated the influence of military style on fashion because it opens up the opportunity for gender-fluid dressing. One of the beauties of the bomber jacket is that anyone can wear it anyway they choose.

What caught my attention with this Fashionista’s look is her layering of two military inspired pieces, the quilted bomber and the army green utility jacket. For those chillier days, this is a unique way to not only stay warm, but to add that extra edge to an outfit. The leather high-top Converse sneakers dress down the bomber jacket, and keep it casual. Her muted gray lipstick adds one last distinctive pop of detail to her outfit, pulling it all together to create an effortless cool girl look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “For me, I have found the bomber jacket is an essential piece to have in my closet, particularly in a city like Chicago where the weather is always so unpredictable. If you don’t want to wear a bulky parka or puffy jacket, the bomber jacket is a good substitute.”