Finally—my favorite part of summer is here! When the hot days give into cooler nights letting us know that fall is on its way, I always find myself ready to throw on a light sweater to keep myself warm when it starts to get a bit chilly. It may seem difficult to find the right summer sweater to pair with your outfit at this time of year—you don’t want to make your outfit too ready for fall—but there are a few ways to make sure this doesn’t happen!

Listen up because this Fashionista has a few tips to keep your outfit cool for the summer! Sticking with a pair of ripped white cropped jeans, this Fashionista makes sure her outfit screams summertime. The light wash of the denim and the cropped length of the inseam make sure this pre-Labor Day look is still cute for the warmer weather. Pairing this look with a light neutral colored sweater, this Fashionista ensures that her look is still summertime ready. Wearing a sweater that isn’t too heavy or dark in color helps make sure this Fashionista isn’t committing to an outfit that is too ready for fall or one that will actually be too warm for the weather. This Fashionista’s metallic sandals brings her look to a bold finish by adding a pop of shine to contrast with her neutral colored ensemble.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Sticking with white jeans in the summertime, even with a warmer sweater, will always make your look perfect for late nights during the summer. Adding brighter sandals can also make your look pop.”