STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Cool, Calm and A-lined

Now that the official days of summer are among us, it can be extremely hard to find something to wear that is both stylish and weather appropriate. Unlike the winter season, these next few months will have you limiting your layers and slipping into something that is light and carefree. A-line dresses are perfect for allowing Fashionistas to enjoy all of the nice weather that the summer brings while remaining stylish and sweat-free.

Known for its loose fit and very wide hem, A-line dresses can be the staple for any summer wardrobe. With its tight fit at the hips and gradually widens towards the hem, you can rock a tailored look that shows off your curves while also enabling you to avoid suffocating in unnecessary fabric. Think you have too much tummy or maybe not enough shape to fill in this dress? Not to worry, A-line dresses are great for all shapes and sizes. For curvy Fashionistas, try wearing a color-blocked dress with light colors coloring the bust and dark colors covering the waist. This will allow you to highlight you best features while making you seem slimming with the dark colors.

For those who are petite, you can take a page out of this Fashionista’s book by rocking a printed dress that stops four inches above the knee. The amazing blue pattern adds more volume to the hips while its length shows of the legs. This Fashionista completes this chic summer trend by pairing the dress with a brown leather tote from Prada and a pair of dark blue Toms to keep the look carefree and effortless. Sold yet?  What are you waiting for? Stay cool while looking cool by pulling the A-line dress.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? When trying on dresses, remember that it is all about finding the color and design that fits you perfectly. Do not be afraid to experiment.