STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Cool and (Culotte)ive

As I spot this Fashionista, I am in question as to what she is wearing. Are those pants? Or is it a skirt? I simply must go and ask what she is wearing. They were none other than the now trending culotte pants. At first glance, they appear to be a skirt. However, they are actually pants! I am obsessed with this item since they are a classier and more structured version of gauchos.

Culottes are not the only trend she is wearing. She is also sporting the popular platform sandals. I first came across these shoes while browsing through runway shoes and feel that this Fashionista totally does them justice. By choosing a platform shoe, she elongates her legs instead of chopping them, a common challenge when wearing culottes.

The styling of this outfit is exquisite, and I love her addition of color into the primarily black and white ensemble. The light teal and gray Madewell scarf adds volume to the look and draws attention upward. There is also the bright pop of blue in the bracelet, which is a fun addition. She adds accents of gold with her long necklace and in her sunglasses, adding a touch of femininity and glam. She is wearing a Fossil watch, which is a staple item in this Fashionista’s closet.

Whether you are looking for a comfort or sophistication, both can be found in these trendy and chic culotte pants.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “If you find a trend that you like, make it your own. Don’t be the carbon copy of a mannequin; have fun and get creative!”