STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Cool and Cozy in Cowl

Transitioning from summer to fall is a great time for experimenting and updating your wardrobe. During this period, the weather can be highly unpredictable, so finding a balance between wearing light summer clothes and cozy fall outfits can be a little frustrating. Thankfully, this Fashionista shows that it can be done and wears a great example of how to keep cool in these last few summer days.

Since it’s not quite time yet to layer on knit scarves and sweaters, wearing a simple and loose knit top is a great place to start. The cowl neck is a popular trend during the fall and winter periods, but during the late months of summer, it can still be a little too hot. However, if you can find that same cowl neck design in a lighter fabric like this Fashionista is wearing, it should be comfortable enough to rock this season. Another thing that’s in trend with this outfit is that this is a ribbed shirt, another trend brought back from the ’70s that is gaining popularity in today’s fashion. The light cowl neck design and ribbed texture all together make this the perfect, pre-fall top.

This Fashionista also chose a good color scheme for her look because she brought out shades of mustard yellow for her bralette and olive green for her cargo pants. These colors are both great transitional hues because they’re not too dark, but they’re also not too bright and colorful.

What’s your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “During this time of the year, you should be thinking of toning down your wardrobe from bright and colorful to more monochromatic neutrals to help make an easier transition into the fall season.”