It was a seemingly normal morning. I poured myself a cup of coffee, made a beautiful breakfast, and sat down to watch the news. As usual, the weather report came on. What came next truly affected the rest of my day. The weather woman said that Earth is entering a polar vortex. Remember, this isn’t fiction or conspiracy based show. This is the real life news.

As a Style Guru, I hate the cold! A cute outfit gets hidden by layers of winter attire. Shoes are limited to practical snow boots, and a person only has so many hats to match with. I, however, am also unaware of how long this polar vortex is going to last, so it’s time for me to get with it and brave the cold with a new mindset towards winter style. My style advice of the week is to be conscious of unique outerwear.

This Fashionista illustrates the concept perfectly. She’s a bundle of warmth on the inside while simultaneously chic on the outside. The idea is achieved by her carefully picked choices of outerwear. For example, her boots aren’t typical snow boots, yet they’re still practical. They reach her knee, keeping her cozy, but also have appealing details. She sports a Victoria Secret PINK beanie with an oversized scarf, which is super trendy this season. This Fashionista, aware of the oversized trend, matches a large Northface to that scarf. To class, she carries a Michael Kors tote large enough to stow away her laptop and books.

Her outfit is both fashionable and functional. By only selecting particular pieces, she was able to pull together a winter-worthy outfit of quality. So, next time you’re digging through the closet to find a hat or a pair of gloves, don’t just grab any random piece. Be aware of your selections.

Face the cold in style this winter. Not even a polar vortex can stop the Fashionista’s innate desire to stand out from the crowd.