STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Complicatedly Simple

Personally designed brands are very popular recently. They are generated from Korean, Japanese and Chinese cultures. From K-Pop spreading through the U.S. to the popularity of its beauty products, these brands are staying relevant and receiving all the attention they deserve. Asians tend to have lots of highly fashioned patterns on their outfits. This EVISU collection was very colorful and playful, integrating traditional textiles with contemporary prints and designs. It was really nice to see a Fashionisto wearing their products on the street. I was overjoyed that brands drew inspiration from Asian culture and incorporated it into their collection.

When stopping and photographing this Fashionisto, I was immediately drawn to this simple and chic look. The contrast of simple designed jeans and a shirt against these complicated patterns made the details pop. It was very clear that this Fashionisto knew how to make his outfit stands out from daily outfits. He had a normal shirt on. However, he said that this shirt was designed by his friends. And they actually have their own brand—Borninunion. This “regular” shirt had playful textiles with well-designed modern symbols on its back. It showed the culture of the New York City subway of asking people to “stand behind the yellow line.” This Fashionisto paired this shirt with a popular jeans, though they looked like normal jeans as well. When he turned around, everything changed. All of these contemporary prints and designs popped up.

Matching your top and bottom is something that is chic and easy. But we can clearly see that this Fashionisto appropriately wore a simple outfit for college life. At the same time, his outfit stood out because of all of these colorful and playful details, integrating traditional textiles with contemporary prints and designs. Now you can eliminate the difficult task of choosing an outfit that matches college style and modern fashion perfectly.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Try to wear clothes with patterns that bring out one of your favorite features. I love these contemporary designs because these patterns really brings out my Asian culture.”