It is finally getting cold outside! That means we have finally entered sweater weather. Cold weather should never stop anyone from being stylish. It is easier than you would think to be fashionable in the winter. All you really need is a big, warm sweater.

This year you can not enter a store without seeing big, comfy sweaters. Sweaters are so great because you can wear them in so many different ways. Solid-colored sweaters, like this one, are great because you can easily add jewelry and pops of color to make a complete look. My personal favorite is a sweater tucked in to a skirt. You can also pair it with colored jeans like this Fashionista did!

Big knit sweaters can easily go from cute to boxy. The long necklace helps elongate the look, a cute scarf also works! The colored jeans add interest and color to the look.

Big sweaters are far more casual than fitted sweaters. This look is perfect for a relaxed weekend or a trip to the mall. This type of sweater, in this Fashionista’s opinion, is best paired with relaxed curls and comfortable jeans.

These boots are a perfect match for this outfit because the wool on the outside helps the feel of warmth and comfort. This outfit is very comfortable but still looks sleek and put together.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Comfort always comes first for me. Sweaters are perfect because you can be comfortable and stylish!”