STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Comfort Rules Everything Around Me

This week’s search brought me to Midtown Atlanta, Atlantic Station to be exact. Though I’d been to the area before, I’d never ventured around as much as I did today. Usually, I just do a quick in-and-out, dropping by one store, getting what I need and dipping. Today though, I took the full tour. This district is an outdoor shopping mall, set up in distinct blocks. It is home to some trendy stores, like H&M, American Apparel and Gap. There are also various eateries and a lovely lawn complete with faux grass.

As I sat on a bench perusing the scene, I spotted this Fashionista walking with a group of friends. I instantly noticed her and her overall effortless-ness. She is what I can only describe as “swaggy.” After I took her photos, we exchanged cards. Upon looking at her social media, I learned that our Fashionista is a recent graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design, with focuses in illustration, drawing and character design. Check out some of her awesome work on Behance and Instagram.

The element of her look that stood out to me the most were her shoes. She paired her Nike Roshe Runs, which have been trending on and off since their debut in 2012, with a short sleeve button-down and black denim. The shoes draw inspiration from the name Roshi, which is a title given to Zen Masters. They’re so simple and still so versatile. If you’d like, you can actually go for a run in them or, if exercise isn’t really your thing, you can just chill in them. You can wear these ultra-cool shoes with or without socks since they are made of a breathable material, perfect for these sweltering, nearly 100-degree Georgia days.

On top of comfort, style and versatility, another awesome thing about this shoe is that it won’t break the bank. Roshe’s run (ha, see what I did there?) at around $75. Just when you thought it was getting good, it gets better! They’re also available on Nike ID meaning, for an additional fee, you can customize your own pair for a look that’s truly one of a kind.

 “Wear what makes you comfortable.”