It’s that glorious time of year again, folks. One quick look out the window can reveal a beautiful scene; the sun is shining, birds are maniacally chirping and the mood is set with the smell of your roommate’s burnt coffee wafting through the air. The weather looks great, and Goldilocks would definitely say it seems “just right.” Wearing your favorite tank top and flip flops, you step outside and promptly begin freezing your butt off. The goosebumps start to rise, it feels like the Arctic and your teeth are chattering. If things couldn’t get any stranger, there’s just something about this whole situation that vaguely reminds you of the time you agreed to go on a Tinder date (never again). Fine, fine, maybe comparing the weather to everyone’s favorite dating app is a tad unreasonable, but let’s just be honest—both instances undeniably prove that looks can be downright deceiving.

As seasons gradually change here in Southern California, there’s always that awkward “in between” stage, where it looks one way and feels another. Of course, some people still wander around campus wearing bandeaus and bermudas, exasperatedly complaining about how the sunshine has lied to them (again), but many ever-sagacious trendsetters have mastered dressing for these difficult periods and are often envied by others. In fact, the Fashionista shown above is wearing an ensemble that’s perfect for the pre-summer season.

Flirty, white lace dress? Check. Lightweight cardigan? Check. Combat boots? Check. This trio could sound like a punk-wannabe train wreck just waiting to happen, but this Fashionista pulls off the look with ease. The black cardigan contrasts with the femininity of the low-cut, lace-detailed dress; the combination allows our Fashionista to stay trendy and comfortable in a fluctuating climate. Her choice of footwear, a pair of leather combat boots, adds a pinch of angst, a dash of rebellion and a whole lot of sass. The shoes are attention-grabbers and complete this girly-grunge look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I like experimenting with different styles and pieces. Comfort is key, so no matter what I’m wearing, I try to keep it casual yet fashionable.”