I will admit to being an advocate for comfy clothes when I head to my classes. Whether it’s sweatpants, leggings or joggers, boys and girls alike all over the Penn State campus know how to stay comfortable every Monday through Friday (and are almost always dressed this way, myself included on some occasions). However, while shopping downtown last week I spotted an unusually colorful and slick ensemble. I was ecstatic to luckily have had my camera in hand to capture the color and coolness of this Fashionisto’s look.

What stood out the most within this outfit choice was the eye-catching maroon pair of chinos that this Fashionisto sported. With a colored beanie to match (perfectly), he stood out in the town as he was surrounded by brisk winds and cloudy gray skies. Although the day was dreary and cold, he was able to look both sharp and bright with the use of such simple wardrobe pieces and colors.

Along with the beanie, his open denim shirt complemented the red tones in his outfit, and also was a key layering piece for staying warm on this chilly Pennsylvania day. With a pair of gold aviators and a light gray V-neck to solidify his look, this Fashionisto truly looked cool and stylish waltzing down the sidewalks of Happy Valley.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Always buy chinos! I understand the struggle to put jeans on every day, however chinos are a genius solution. They’re super light, comfortable and come in so many colors. I prefer them as opposed to colored denim by a long shot.”