The most obvious trends for spring/summer has always been two main things: florals and colors. However there are so many more prints that can work during these seasons, and matched with the right accessories and colors, it could turn out as a chill and gorgeous outfit for your day.

This Fashionista, for a perfect day at the park (benefiting from the amazing weather we are having today in London), chose to wear a very simple outfit—yet so stylish. What makes this outfit really special is that the fabric of the dress has a lovely drapery and working with the wind they turn the perfect allies. The pattern of the dress as well, breaking that pattern of being of a floral print, instead was kind of a “wet” effect that with the gray colors made a fabulous contrast with the yellow mustard handbag and the other accessories being blue silver rings, a silver watch, wooden necklace with gold details and other gold accessories.

Overall, a well draped dress with the use of lots of silver/gold accessories would answer the question of “What makes this Fashionista’s look stand out?” It is the use of a simple patterned dress from a light and fresh fabric that dances beautifully with the wind on a sunny morning that works and fits well with that combination of silver and gray because that combo does not always work for every outfit. The fact that the handbag was mustard (with gold details) was magically fitted with the centered piece that was the wooden, gold necklace. Thus, it was the right amount of accessories and color combination, not too saturated and, of course, the right choice to wear for a day at the park.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wear a maxi dress that has a very light fabric that feels fresh on your skin.”