From Neopolitan ice cream to the French flag, the synergy of solid blocks of colors creates an engaging visual experience in our lives. Color-blocking is a timeless trend that has been revived in innovative ways. The combination of contrasting colors brings an air of youthfulness. There is something about different hues encapsulated into geometric shapes that is spontaneously sophisticated.

This week I found the perfect marriage of this color-blocking and a classic winter staple.

I spotted this Fashionista with her color-blocked coat around the residential college library. The coat’s classic silhouette meets a warm, earthy color gradient, keeping her physically and aesthetically warm. She does winter in style all while beating the cold. She pairs the coat with classic leather boots and dark jeans. The outfit is topped with a subtle snow-white scarf that complements the entire outfit. Dressing in the winter can be a struggle, especially if you have not had much experience living in chilly winters (like myself).  It can be overwhelming to navigate winter attire and keep warm with all those layers and winter accessories, all while channeling your sense of style. One of the most important items is the top layer. This fun and sophisticated coat brings black color-blocking and shows us that winter does not have to be monochromatic.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “In New England winter weather, it’s great to have a statement piece of outerwear to tie an outfit together. Investing in some standout winter accessories lets you keep the rest of your outfit simple, and keeps you warm as you’re running around campus!”